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Okay, so last time I told you about how to pick up “The Teases” in bars and clubs. Here, in this follow up article I’m going to tell you how to pick up the “Regular Girls.”As I told you in previous articles “Would You Like To Know How To Pick Up Women In Bars And Clubs?” and “How To Meet Women In Bars and Clubs” when I was a young , I worked the bar scene every day for six months straight. I made lots of observations for months.This eventually led to my being very successful picking up women in clubs.One of those observations was about those regular girls who visited the club. I use to call them GRADIENT GIRLS. I called them that because after a lot of observations I noticed there was a gradient scale of sexual reach or interest. Here it is:

First there is negative sexual talk –This is talking about not having sex, or not wanting to have sex, or talking about someone else who is into sex as creepy, disgusting, or characterizing them in some other negative way, etc. This is the lowest form of sexual interest someone can show you. Because they still ARE talking about sex. And they are talking about it with YOU.

People who really aren’t interested in sex or you don’t bring it up at all, and really don’t get “into it” if you bring it up. I learned about this one day, when I was driving a fellow student home from college. She invited me up to her apartment, but quickly informed me that I couldn’t have sex with her.

Since, I had shown her no sexual interest, and since I really wasn’t interested, I found this rather odd. A few weeks later she seduced me. She got me to have sex with her when I didn’t want to and wasn’t really attracted to her. This is when I put it all together. She was attracted to me from the very first. And her negative comment about “not having sex” was the level at which she began her sexual flirting.

Then positive sexual talk.
Then Eye Contact
Then slight brief touching
Then extended touching.
Then kissing,
Heavy petting,

Now most people think sexual interest starts with positive sexual talk, but it doesn’t. And the funny thing about this gradient scale is that you have to match the level the other person is at or you can lose a prospect very quickly. So if a girl is into flirting at “negative sexual talk” and you try to come on her at “positive sexual talk” you will lose her.

Now most of your regular girls hanging out in clubs, whether with or without girlfriends, have a negative view towards guys. They think guys who are there just want sex, etc. And they are probably right. So the way I would come on to a regular girl in a club, was simple.

I would stand next to her (similar to the Tease Girl above) and wait for some guy to hit on some girls in a stupid way that confirms what most girls thinks about guys. I would then make a comment about how stupid that was, etc. sort of out loud to myself or whomever was around (sort of like I did with the Tease Girl) ending by looking at her in disbelief.

She would then chime in very quickly about how stupid it was, and from there I would lead the conversation into a negative “sex talk” about how I hated clubs, hated all the games and meat market stuff that goes on, etc. This would usually go on for about 15-30 minutes and then she would invariably say the magic words: “But you are different” to which I would reply “Yeah, you are different too.”

From there it could go in many directions depending on the girls. We might dance, or continue in an engaging conversation, but now the conversation was into positive sexual talk, from there we would start with the little touches etc, and eventually it would lead to making out, petting, heavy petting, kissing, etc.

Now none of these techniques I’ve discussed in this three part series of articles, are DeAngelo’s “Cocky and Funny” or any such, and by the way, Cocky and Funny does work on a small band of girls in the club (and in life) too. I would label them the Boredom girls.

But here is the principal behind Cocky and Funny and the Love Girl, Tease Girl and Regular Girl techniques. And that principal is not to be “Cocky and Funny” but rather to be “Interesting and Unique.”

You see the guy who has the balls to walk up to and confront the horny “Love Girl” is interesting and unique to her because most guys are too scared to do it. But he is definitely Not Cocky and Funny. He only has to open his mouth and confidently ask her to dance.

The guy who tells the “Tease Girl” she’s not that hot, but has a good personality is “interesting and Unique” to her, because ALL guys reach at these girls and tell then how beautiful they are.

The guy who can dish out negative sex talk to a “Regular Girl” is interesting and Unique” to her because she never finds guys like this in the club.

And of course the Boredom Girls, who get guy after guy after guy hitting on them and kissing their butt find “Cocky and Funny” totally interesting and Unique. Boredom girls are a kind of a random, casual and pointless-talk band of girl, and Cocky and Funny is random and pointless talk. The other techniques are more directed.

There are other types of girls too, and combination of types. I go over those in some of my other writings and articles.

Some techniques are Quick and Easy and some techniques are pure seduction and can take a very long time. But none-the-less they are still pickup techniques.


In part three of a three part series, a third technique for picking up women in clubs is explained.

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Mr L.Rx gives advice to men on how to meet, date, and relate to women. He is also available for private consultation and coaching. Additional information on this topic is at

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Mr L.Rx gives advice to men on how to meet, date, and relate to women. He is also available for private consultation and coaching. <a href=”; mce_href=””>Additional information</a> on this topic is at

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